Chair of the Board

Michelle Mufson

Vice Chair

Helen Nelling


Brad Kloeppel


Rebecca Frigy Romine 



Board of Directors

Jesse Barash

Joey Boime

Emily Coen

Karen Dupske

Tim Fox

Richard Halpern

Victor Hathuc

Jonelle Lofton

Jamie Loomis

Jessica Brod Millner






Martin Oberman*

Calvin Robinson

Peggy Scott*

Jay Simon*

Tanisha Stanciel

Todd E. Imber Allen Taylor

Douglas Thaman

Gary Wolff

*Past Chair of the Board



Emeritus Directors

Mark Goran

Peggy Nelson (posthumous)*

Ann Plunkett










As we ring in 2024, we extend a very special welcome to our new Board Chair, Michelle Mufson, who brings a wealth of business experience to the role as a vice president and senior financial advisor of a wealth management group. As a cancer survivor herself, Michelle brings a unique and personal perspective to the role of Board Chair. These combined life experiences uniquely qualify her to lead the board of Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis. Michelle has served the past three years as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, and coupled with her passion for CSC’s mission, we are excited for the leadership that she will provide.

Michelle's Testimonial: 

In October 2014, my life took a turn. I was diagnosed with her2 positive ductal carcinoma, the only word I heard was cancer. The few I knew that had cancer had passed away. I was scared, sad, and bewildered. I was thrown into a medical world that was unfamiliar to me. I had a surgeon, oncologist, and radiologist within a week—everything moving swiftly. While waiting in the waiting room to see my oncologist, I discovered the Cancer Support Community of Saint Louis calendar, which offers support groups, classes, events, and activities. I decided to give it a shot. Attending, I realized I wasn't alone. Despite a supportive network of friends and family, a shared community made a significant difference.

Joining the Cancer Support Community of Saint Louis board in 2018, I aimed to give back and ensure the organization would thrive for others. It's crucial that everyone impacted by cancer in Saint Louis knows about it. Businesses should be aware so that they can refer their employees. Doctors involved in cancer treatment should know in order to refer patients so, they can get the support they need—all provided at no cost.

Having served for three years as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to be stepping into the Board Chair role. I am part of a Merrill Lynch wealth management team and believe my professional skills will aid the growth of CSCSTL. I look forward to serving this vital organization. I anticipate playing a role in its continuous well-being, thanks to the hard work of the dedicated staff and committed board. Together, we will work to ensure that CSCSTL will continue to be available to anyone impacted by cancer.

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